Monday, January 12, 2009

Veezy is still open.

I had gotten my account back a month or so ago.
I guess SL Linden aren't that cold hearted. I had alot of stuff on there!
Apologies will take you a long way, don't be a dick-face when YOU'RE in trouble.

New skins.
New Sim layout.
New shirts.
New Jeans.

@ TOTK sim!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


R.I.P - Vylorna Demar.

So, basically my account has been banned for good.

For the fact that, I sent in my ID and it didn't match the one I had first entered when I joined on account of when I first joined I was underage so for however many months, I was breaking TOS and also because I let someone else into my account which is against the rules as well.

Therefore, Vylorna Demar is gone and finished.
I will be making a new name and getting a new store up.

I'm pretty heartbroken. Everything I worked for is gone.
Everything I have made, bought, used, was given - vanished.
It was my first account, [everything] was on it. Le sigh.

YUP. So. This is most likely my last post. ;\ <3

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Killin' you hoes.

And NOT just because I'm featured in it. - made by karma graves.

also - made a new shop.
did other stuff. there is a guy skin out.
not alot of options and a few new things.
making more. blah blah blah.

one of my close friends. allymae thursday.
yes, HER. she met eeka. ;[ .. another friend.
which made me jealous because i wanna meet someone awesome.
but not really because you guys are kinda creepy in sl.
jayk. :]]]] I LOVE YOU ALL. but anyways.
its 9am or so and im hungry and dont have much to say.
unless you want me to tell you about real life but..
i doubt that. JERKSKSSKSS! :(

Monday, September 15, 2008

morning rants & coffee.

Picture taken by Laced Avro.
She does LOADS of different types of pictures and is really good.
Her prices range from 450-600L. It's worth it!

I think it's so weird that everyone on SL suddenly knows about renderosity and talks about it or uses it and it's like.. the entire reason I even got somewhat involved with 3D designing. I made a account there in 04 back when I was like.. underage and still in high school because one of my older friends went to a major university for gaming and designs and showed me it.

It's honestly a really great site and has so many talented designers there that I've always envied but one day I do hope I can be just as good or close to it!

UHUM, I want to make a mix-tape. Oh! So, the sale is still going on and I've been doing better then I thought I was going to. >__>; .. so, thanks for that! ALSO. Ellie-smexface, I am going to post up that one picture of me rockin' it out or looking drugged up during a performance! Eek.



Mixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

YEY, made it!

Friday, September 12, 2008


I lied.

The guy skins will not be released until after I remake the store. But, the bright side is that I already started building the store and redoing my posters. oo; ! - woot. Also, I have been working on the body of my new girl skin so that is getting done quicker then I had thought.

I'm going to be hosting a SALE from tonight at 12 until however long it takes me to make my new shop and other things. So, most items will be marked down alot. Skins will be 250. Outfits, 75.

shirts and other cheap stuff like 35-40. <3

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Long day.

I got a job in RL.
I got online classes.
I have friends that are far too social for their own good that likes to force me into leaving my house too often to do things that I sometimes don't even feel like doing.
I have to take care of my dogs.
I have to spend time with my boyfriend.
I have to spend time with my friends in SL.
OH, and I am SICK. :(

- - -
I guess, I don't feel like I have time to do anything for my shop because I am lazy and then I am busy when I'm not that lazy. But, despite that.. I did make a few items that will be released for my shop shortly and I am working on a new female skin and I SUPPOSE I will release those guy skins tomorrow even though there is only a few because I lost the PSD's ages ago.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I'm not good at this SL - Store owning/making/designing type thing.

- I'm not responsible.
- I ditch idea's quickly.
- I am never satisfied with my stuff.
- I can't stand commitment because it'll pressure me to bail.

I was suppose to be apart of a friends project and I just feel like I am going to kill myself with the anxiety and like suffer to death because I feel trapped and I feel like I am going to let down people.

FIRST OFF - my stuff isn't that great. It's okay, it's maybe even good, but I am nowhere good enough to be apart of some huge project that is suppose to have AMAZING stuff. So, call me negective but I don't care. I don't want to embarrass myself and try and fail and have people secretly talk shit and have to go by someone elses designed building that isn't [ ME ] at all.

AND IF I SAY ANYTHING LIKE, " Oh, maybe blah blah blah blah ' . It should look different or be alot smaller or not so many windows or so plain. " I get made out like a bad person and like I am discrediting their work. I'm not! It's just not ME, I, VYLORNA DEMAR, ANTOINETTE (cantsaymylastnamePSYCHO's) .. sighsighsigh. I get too worked up, I suppose.